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My name is Jad Abu Ghaida. I am from a town in Lebanon called Hasbaya. Many people have no education in Hasbaya. This caused me to love going to school because I feel like it is a place that I will always have fun and be encouraged to try something new. School is also how I found my passion. My passion is to be an Urban Designer. An urban designer is a person responsible for making a city. This includes roads, places of buildings, Walkways, parks etc. I want to be the Vice President of Dunecrest because I love pinpointing issues and seeing how I can fix them in the most effective and best way possible. I also love to listen to issues and see if I can help!

My name is Adam Abu Ghaida, I’m from a northern rural village in Lebanon called Hasbaya. Many people from Hasbaya never get to travel outside of Lebanon, so I consider myself extremely lucky to be at the position I’m at today. In my pastime, I love to solve real-world problems by developing and designing software. It’s really helped me throughout my life. Helping out people is something I enjoy and truly find satisfaction out of. Hence why I’m running for president. Once I get elected, I will utterly and completely dedicate myself to making Dunecrest a better place for students, educators and, staff.

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