Youth Progressive Organization

"Lead, Serve, Inspire... Creating the next generation leaders"
Giving Students a Voice


The most important goal the YPO strive for is to actually provide and make the voice of the student be heard. By having class representatives delegate with their respected classrooms some issues students face. From there, the YPO will tackle these issues. The YPO plans to solve all problems facing the Middle school.​

Creating a Higher Sense of Belonging at Dunecrest

Creating a solid foundation of community and support at Dunecrest is high up on the list of items the YPO plans to accomplish. The Dunecrest values include Community, Respect, Excellence, Service and, Teamwork. Forging greater respect for these values will empower students to be proactive and make school a better place to be.

Making Students More Engaged

One of the problems every school suffers from is apparent in our school. Solving this issue requires both student and teacher effort, In order to make school a good place and a place where education truly thrives is only possible if the material is engaging. This is a problem we need to solve at Dunecrest